History & Background

Security Guards, Inc. started as a segment of Manpower, Inc. of Reading in 1961 to supply security services. Security Guards, Inc. is a private detective agency licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.

Security Guards, Inc. is a privately owned company that has an around the clock communications center and road supervisors who train and inspect field officers. A computerized scheduling process and security officer tour system tracks our employees to ensure the highest quality of services is provided to our clients. ┬áSecurity Guards, Inc. is the largest provider of security services in the region and is nationally recognized as “professional” in the security field. Security Guards Inc. has achieved this recognition through the ongoing philosophy of the management to establish a superior security service. Security Guards, Inc. has assembled a staff of former law enforcement and security professionals to form a management team with the experience that is needed in today’s ever changing security environment.