WSK & Associates supplies you with a high quality team of experts to assist you with all your investigations. 


Background Investigations

Have you checked the credentials of candidates for employment?

Our team of investigators can assist with your hiring practices through pre-employment background investigative reports.  

Reports available would include:  qualification validation, employment and education history, resume validation, criminal and civil litigation history checks, credit history, drug and alcohol screening, driving record reports, and reference checks.


Unemployment Compensation

Do you suspect a fraudulent UC claim? 

Let us conduct your investigations by providing you with:

Documentary evidence gathered through covert investigative techniques to support or deny suspected false claims.  We are available to testify in legal proceedings on investigative findings.


Workplace Violations

Do you suspect theft or fraudulent work practices?

Our investigators can assist by:

Conducting investigations to identify workplace rules violations and/or fraudulent activities, theft of property, workplace violence, discrimination, customer mistreatment, and vandalism.